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Dental Implants

  • Is the empty space from your missing tooth keeping you from showing that beautiful smile?
  • Are you having trouble chewing?
  • Is it lowering your self-esteem? 


If so, Dental Implants will replace the missing tooth, restore lost functions and enhance the beauty of your smile. Dental Implants are a small titanium replacement for the root part of your tooth that fuses to the bone and attaches to the crown. 


(CBCT -3D and implants; the new era in treatment planning and diagnosis, taking the guesswork out of our dentistry. )

How the Dental Implants work :

First, we have to find out if there is enough space and bone for placing an implant. If you don’t have enough bone, DON’T WORRY!

There is a procedure called bone graphting, which generates the bone where it has been lost, which is the important factor for the success of the implant.

When there is enough bone, the implant will be inserted under suitable type of anesthesia, a temporary tooth replacement will be placed while you wait for the implant to fuse to the surrounding bone, which will take several months. After, a final crown will be attached to the abutment which will be placed between the implant and the crown.

You now have a sturdy tooth replacement that is indistinguishable from a natural tooth!!!

What are the uses of implants?

  • Replacing the single tooth to implant supportive bridge.

    • Support and retain complete dentures

    • Preventing bone loss

What are the risk factors?

  • Smoking

    • Uncontrolled diabetes

    • Osteoporosis

Dental Implant are no different than natural teeth which acquire the same      care, where it is important to brush and floss.

Regular checkups, professional cleaning, keeps the gum and supportive bone in a healthy condition, which is an important part for long term success of the implant.

Nobel Biocare NobelGuide™ from Nobel Biocare gives you beautiful Teeth-in-an-Hour. The NobelGuide system means you can now replace missing teeth with permanent dental implants – easily, quickly and comfortably. With conventional treatment you have to wait for your implants to heal before teeth are placed, which can take months. NobelGuide gives you your new teeth right away.

Dental implants are the most economical long term solution available.